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Legato Country Cottages.

Project Description

A Luxury getaway cottages in a unique location providing a one bedroom with a Verandah lounge, kitchenette and a bathroom. The pilot phase consisted of 2 cottages with a gazebo housing a kitchen laundry unit, utility yard and washroom facilities. The design concept is a mixture of Luo vernacular architecture with a round hut & homestead concept, yet embracing modern architectural language in the selected materials used for interior finishes.

The development embraced full solar water heating for all the facilities, a high level steel tank for fresh water supply, a common Biodigestor, a standby generator and parking lot.  The client’s passion or exceptionally landscaped garden can be attested by the mature landscaped gardens designed and built by Zakara designs.

Project: Legato Country Cottages

Category: Hospitality

Completed: 2012

Location: Randago, Siaya County

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