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Bridges Center Children’s Home.

Project Description

The brief encompassed a broad array of functions that were critical for the operations of the Centre, these were translated into the following facilities; Skills dormitory, Skills kitchen and training Centre, Cottages, Kitchen and dining, Chapel, Director’s house, Guest house, Primary school and pre-school, Dispensary, Staff housing, senior & junior, sewer treatment Biodigestor, farm etc

The master planning exercise had the following objectives, first, to develop a project brief for all facilities to be accommodated within the site. The second objective was to carry out land use planning which entailed allocation of space for residential, education, administration, and recreation, commercial and farming activities. These key objectives were executed in two phase as follows;

Phase one involved preparation of the architectural master plan that organized the facilities with adequate infrastructure and services provisions. In phase two we integrated, Mechanical and Electrical services in the master plan taking into account the site topography and proposed spatial layout.

From the facilities programme the design team prepared a five year cash flow projection which guided the client in fundraising as well as budgeting. As part of the master planning exercise through the input of the mechanical engineers the long-term water requirements for the institution was determined and adequate storage and distribution mechanisms were proposed.

The implementation of the master plan is ongoing with a number of facilities earmarked for execution in the current year.

Project: Master Plan for Bridges Centre Children’s home

Completed: 2014

Location: Isinya, Kajiado County

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