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Project Stages

Stage 1

This stage entails preliminary tasks requisite for commencement of the project, a decision is made to proceed with project by way of a commissioning letter to Bon-Arch either as project architect or as architect & lead consultants of the consortium. The consultancy contract is negotiated and executed to mark the formal commencement of the project. A reconnaissance site survey to ascertain the viability of the project necessary at this stage, upon client’s instruction we prepare preliminary Conceptual design and from which high level Cost Estimates shall be derived. We receive, appraise and report on the client’s requirements with regard to: client’s brief, the site and rights & constraints, budgetary constraints, the need for consultants, project program and methods of contracting.

This stage involves a thorough analysis of the project requirements; preparation of outline proposals consisting of small-scale plans, elevations, sections and visuals. In addition an approximation of the construction cost for client’s preliminary approval is provided by the Quantity surveyor.

Stage 2

We develop a scheme design from the outline proposal taking into account amendments requested by the client; sufficient information for a cost estimate will then be derived,   The scheme design will further, illustrate the size and character of the project in sufficient detail to enable the client to agree with the spatial arrangements, materials and appearance. Finally, we shall submit architectural drawings for Local Authority approval.

Stage 3

The scheme design will be developed further as we obtain the client’s approval on the type of construction, quality of materials and standards of workmanship; we shall co-ordinate any design work done by specialist contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers; Finally, any information needed to obtain quotations and other information in connection with specialist work will be provided at this stage. Production information includes drawings and schedules; all information will be completed in sufficient detail to enable a Quantity Surveyor to prepare tender documents and a Bills of Quantities.

At this stage you are sufficiently advised on the various forms of contract, to enable you to decide on type of contract which suites the project. A list of potential Tenderers shall be created by you in conjunction with all consultants.

Tender Action and Appraisal: – Upon receiving the bids from various contractors, the quantity Surveyor will evaluate and analyze the tenders and prepare the tender report, then we shall advise you on the winning bid.

Project construction commencement Planning: – We advise the client on the appointment of the contractor and on your responsibilities, and that of the contractor and consultants under the terms of the building contract; where required we will facilitate the preparation of the building contract and arrange for it to be signed by client and the contractor as required by the provisions of the building contract.

Stage 4

We administer the terms of the building contract during operations on site.  Upon handing over the site to the contractor, site visits are arranged as appropriate to inspect generally the progress and quality of the work and to report progress. We, in consultation with the Quantity Surveyor, produce periodic financial reports including the effect of any variations on the construction cost and to issue a certificate of practical completion.

Stage 5

We administer the terms of the building contract relating to the completion of the works. In addition, we offer guidance on maintenance (Defects Liability Period), where we carry out a final defects inspection after six months from practical completion and issue a certificate of making good defects and, in conjunction with the Quantity Surveyor, the final account.

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